SEASONAL: British Flower Bouquet

SEASONAL: British Flower Bouquet


Buying local is so important, nearly all UK flowers are imported from Africa. They are sent to the Holland flower markets and sold on from there.  I saw the massive poly tunnels all over Naivasha, Kenya, when I was on holiday this year.  And just think about the environmental footprint of those flowers, not to mention the diversion of local water and land from food crops, to flowers for the overseas market.  

The flowers we have are grown in Perry Green by Vicki, a mum to 2 beautiful girls. Lily who is 4 and Molly, 2. Lily has Down Syndrome, so being a mum is hard work and Vicki felt she needed to do something for herself, but it had to be something she could do with the girls being around, especially Lily who can be quite demanding.  Growing flowers turned out to be something she had quite a talent for.

Obviously this will be a seasonal offering, Vicki is growing flowers that aren’t usually found in most florists, wildflowers, dahlias, sweetpeas, zinnias etc.  Everything is grown from seed / bulb and is only fed with nettle tea and seaweed.  Vicky will put together a bouquet for you, please feel free to give some guide to colours that you like in the notes section when you order, but be aware that she will be picking that morning from what she has available.