About Us

Hi I'm Nina,

I am a mum, a maker, a beekeeper, gardener, dog wrangler, chicken & duck fancier and Little Hadham Stores is my baby. I believe strongly that we need to make conscious choices about how we consume. When I choose goods and suppliers I always work to the following principles:


  • Support sustainable, organic production methods, like our organic veg boxes; artificial compounds need not be present in our food.
  • Reduce consumption of animal products, and making sure there are high welfare levels when we do consume them. 
  • Making available great tasting vegetarian and vegan products, to be consumed by everyone because they TASTE great. Just try Fiona Meade's organic vegan macaroons.
  • Minimise packaging, it should be compostable, recyclable or re-useable. Bring your own bags, boxes, tubs, jars, any container and we'll fill them.
  • Cut single use plastics. Plastic is an amazing product in some circumstances but OUR use of it is killing the planet, and WE can do something about that.  Bring back your clean veg boxes, egg cartons and paper bags and we will re-use them.
  • Sustainable palm oil - the West's rampant consumption of this is what drives countries to destroy their rain forests, yet like any other crop it can be sustainably grown.  
  • Supporting local, like-minded, business, cuts down on food miles and is great for our community. I believe these suppliers are more likely to be responsive to my customer's needs.  Jigsaw Bakery's bread is made in Linton, Cambs.
  • I believe in a co-operative approach and work WITH my local suppliers.  My only wholesaler is the UK’s biggest worker’s co-operative; who have been supplying natural, responsibly-sourced products since 1977. They have ethical policies on the environment, trade, palm oil and toxic ingredients, and regularly review their supply chain. I am very proud to work with SUMA.

So, that is what informs all that we do at Little Hadham Stores, and here is how we do it:

CLICK & COLLECT - By Monday each week we email an order list to our customers.  You order by 5pm on Tuesday.  On Wednesday our suppliers, pick, bake, make and deliver to LHSTORES.  On Thursday, 11am to 7pm, our customers pick up their orders.  CLICK HERE to be added to our email list.

POSTAGE - We are happy to mail items that we stock out to customers who cannot pick up.  Please EMAIL ME for a postage quote before you order.  Unfortunately, this does not include our fresh food, as we only want customers to taste our products at their absolute best.

SHARE - We have evening events, including supper clubs, tastings & workshops. We love to share our passion for food, share ideas & discover more about our customers & their needs.

MEET - On the last Saturday of the month we run the Little Hadham Farmers’ Market at our village hall from 8.30 - 11.30am, where you can come & meet many of our suppliers in the flesh.

As a young business we are open to ideas & suggestions, so if there is something you would like us to source and stock for you please get in touch.