British Cheese - Kingstone Dairy

British Cheese - Kingstone Dairy


We have three cheeses from King Stone Dairy, Gloucestershire supports regenerative agriculture, this is a small scale, quality focused farmhouse cheesemaking business. The cheeses are produced by hand using single herd, organic cow’s milk by  David Jowett, one of the best and more creative cheese makers in the Country. A cheese fanatic, his production is very influenced by French style cheeses from the Jura and the Alpes.


Inspired by the French classic Vacherin du Haut-Doubs, Rollright is a soft cheese banded in spruce bark.  A delicate, peachy-pink rind ripens the cheese within to a rich, spoonable texture. The cheese develops rich flavours of crème fraiche, cured ham, and mustard seed, with a smoky, woodsy aroma. 

I advise eating this cheese on toasted bread to appreciate the contrast between the softness of the cheese and the crispiness of the bread. Our white sourdough bread is ideal.

Size: Mini Roll, 250g,  Age: 4-8 weeks, Style: Rind washed soft cheese


A vivid and pungent cheese with a sticky rind giving way to a buttery breakdown and a firm, curdy centre. This cheese can be compared to Munster, a French cheese from the Alsace-Lorraine region in North East of France. During the ripening, the cheese is repeatedly washed in a special brine solution to develop its tender, orange rind. Once fully ripened, the cheese is soft and full of flavours of beef stock, bacon, roast onions and peanuts.

Size: Mini Roll, 250g, Age: 6-10 weeks, Style: Rind washed soft cheese,


Inspired by Morbier, a classic French cheese from the Franche-Comté, Ashcombe features a striking line of wood ash running through the centre of the cheese. Ashcombe is a large, flat, disc shaped cheese, which is carefully washed in a special brine solution to develop a bright terracotta rind. The rind is meaty and savoury, while the paste has aromas of warm milk and hay. The flavours are comforting and rich, reminding us of melted butter and fresh hazelnuts. 

Age: 2-4months Style: Washed rind, semi-hard cheese

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