Christmas Cake and Pudding Ingredients

Christmas Cake and Pudding Ingredients


If you are interested in getting together to buy Christmas Cake and/ or Christmas Pudding Ingredients send me an email with how much you will need of each ingredient.  I will order in bulk and then we can weigh out exactly how much your recipe needs into your containers for you to purchase.

Below is a table with a price /kg or per item on some of typical ingredients, so you have an idea of how much it will cost once ordered, but give me exact weights and I will get back to you with a confirmed price.

Orders must be in by Sunday 23rd October for delivery for Thursday 28th October

If there is anything else you need for your recipes please let me know and I can price these for you too, for example last year some recipes called for dates and mixed peel.

Product - organic unless otherwise  Retail Price/1kg unless otherwise
Raisins £6.99
Sultanas £6.99
Currants £9.50
Glace Cherries - Whole - NOT ORGANIC £8.20
Dried Apricots £14.00
Sugar - Muscavado - NOT ORGANIC £4.50
Sugar - Caster Golden Unrefined £4
Almonds (Skin On) £21.50
Almonds (Ground) £29.00
Mixed Spice (50g) 90p each
Plain Flour £1.80
Eggs £0.38 each
Butter - unsalted (250g) £1.53 each
Treacle (340g) £2.60 each
Epicure Golden Marzipan (250g) £2.50 each
Icing sugar (500g) £3.99 each