Ecoleaf Cleaning Refills

Ecoleaf Cleaning Refills


Our Zero Waste Cleaning Station has changed to ECOLEAF, natural, sustainable, house-hold cleaning products.  The entire Ecoleaf range is certified animal-cruelty free and carries the Vegan Society logo.

Bring in any container (or "adopt" one of our recycled jars or bottles) and I will refill and weigh it, you only pay for the amount that you take away.  

Ecoleaf Washing-up Liquid - Powers through dirty plates without the need for harsh chemicals. This biodegradable formula leaves nothing behind but sparkling clean dishes. (100ml, 22p)

Ecoleaf Laundry Detergent. - Effective yet gentle, this non-biological laundry liquid is produced from sustainably sourced plant materials and is fully biodegradable. That's great for the environment, and for delicate skin too. (100ml, 41p). We can also special order fabric softener and washing powder from the Ecoleaf range.

Ecoleaf Toilet Cleaner - This naturally fragranced toilet cleaner is derived from plant extracts and biodegradable ingredients. Like the other products in our Ecoleaf range, it's made using sustainable plant extracts and is non-toxic and safe for use all around the home. (100ml, 24p)

Ecoleaf Surface Cleaner - This multi-surface cleaner is derived from plant extracts and biodegradable, natural ingredients.  (100ml, 25p)

We have full ingredients labels for all our Ecoleaf products, so that you can see exactly what is inside them.

You can have as much, or as little, of any of these products as you like, but if you want to order (or need delivery) there are some popular set amounts below and I will weigh this into one of our recycled containers ready for you.     

Our 20L bulk drums (that are themselves made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic) are returned to the wholesaler when they are empty to be reused.  And so together we close the loop and create a truly circular economy!

Size of Refill