Flour - Organic
You can use our beeswax wraps to cover your dough as it proves.  They work beautifully preventing the outer layer of the dough drying out.

Flour - Organic


We have Bacheldre Watermill's award winning flours. A member of the Traditional Corn Millers Guild - a group of artisan millers who use traditional methods to produce high quality flour. This mill with its' French Burr millstones uses a blend of old and modern equipment, and the best grains possible, to produce flours with all the goodness and natural flavours in tact. We have:

Stoneground Strong Unbleached White Flour, 1.5kg 

Stoneground Strong 100% Wholemeal Flour, 1.5kg

Stoneground Strong Rye Flour, 1.5kg

All ideal for bread-making (in machines or by hand) and baking.

From Doves Farm we have organic plain white and self-raising flour. This is part of our "weigh and take away" dried goods so you will receive it weighted into a brown paper flour sack and can have it in any quantity.

From Shipton Mill we have excellent bread and specialist flours:

Organic Light Rye, 1kg - To produce this flour, they gently mill the rye grains, then slowly sieve out the coarsest bran to create a very light rye flour which can be used on its own or mixed. Ideal for use in rye breads, Scandinavian crispbreads and perfect for use in sourdough breads and starters. SOLD OUT

Organic Strong White, 1kg or 2.5kg - Blending a rare single variety of English wheat called Maris Widgeon, know for it's pleasing nutty flavour& cheerful name. with top quality organic wheat from the continent to give strength & robustness for outstanding results every time

00 Organic Pasta Flour, 1kg - The whitest grade of flour used in the production of some of the finest Italian breads and pastas. In every country of Europe this rare grade of flour has a different name. As only a very small fraction of the whole wheat berry can be used to make this pure flour, it is treated with great respect and is very precious. Type '00' is best used for making bread and pasta.