Hand-Made Ceramics
Bowl w/ Handles

Hand-Made Ceramics


We have some stunning, hand-built, functional, ceramics made in Ashdon, Essex by Gabrielle Smith.

Her pared down organic shapes are a pleasure to look at and to use.  Gabrielle makes her own glazes, which she drips, dips and splashes over her work, with a range of finishes which allow the underlying clay body to be visible part of the finished piece. 

Designed for everyday use they are normally dishwasher, oven and microwave safe.

Gabrielle often works to commission, so we can create specific items to order. Our in stock items are listed below, get in touch for more information or to contact Gabrielle directly.

Mugs - £24

Pasta bowls - £26 (TO ORDER)

Bowl with Handles Large - £45 (TO ORDER)

Black/Green Carved Platter - £52

Candle sticks pair £24 (TO ORDER)

Cheese Board £35 (TO ORDER)

Soap Dishes £19

Hand Made Ceramics