Loofa Soap Cushions

Loofa Soap Cushions


Our Loofa Soap Cushions are made from natural loofah, a fibrous fruit which matures into an extremely fibrous, dry sponge.compact enough to use for travel or to keep beside the wash basin at home.  Simply soak the loofah before first use to allow it to expand to its natural size and shape, then dry naturally.  

Place soap on top and it will absorb excess moisture, allowing the soap to dry out properly without cracking or going soggy.  You can then use the loofa to give your sink area a quick scrub, with the soap already on it after use.  It can also be used gently to exfoliate skin in the bath or shower.

This multitude of uses makes it an indispensable bathroom and travel accessory.

Round loofah soap cushion is  11cm diameter

Oval loofah soap cushion12.5cm x 8cm