Mexican Chilli Flakes, 100g

Mexican Chilli Flakes, 100g


NEW IN - We have chilli flakes to purchase by weight, just bring in your own container, or you can order from our suggested weights of 100g & 250g.

Pasilla Flakes are mild and sweet, these crushed chilli flakes are perfect for using in enchilada sauce or sprinkling over salads and pizzas.

Scoville Scale - 1,500 units - Mild to medium heat.

Jalapeno Peppers add a mild heat to many dishes including salsa verde. Their flavour as dried crushed flakes is not so ‘hot’ as fresh jalapenos, more warm and full. They can be used instead of, or with, fresh, and will add a zing to your chilli con carne and other Mexican dishes.

Scoville Scale - 3,500 units - Mild heat.

Store in a cool, dry place.

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