Milled Flax, Almond, Brazil, Walnut, Q10

Milled Flax, Almond, Brazil, Walnut, Q10


This blend of 69% Flaxseed, 10% Almonds, 10% Brazil Nuts, 10% Walnuts, with the addition of co-enzyme Q10, is great for your energy levels skin and helps fight free radicals.  A spoonful in a smoothie, in your porridge, sprinkled onto fruit, or into baking is a great way to raise your nutritional levels.

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10, or more formally, ubiquinone) is an antioxidant that the body produces naturally. It exists in every cell and has a number of important roles in supporting skin health.  Unfortunately, it’s a coenzyme that your body makes less of as you age.  Co-enzyme Q10 supports the production of collagen and elastin. 

This product is Gluten-free and is Vegan and contains 1% corn starch.