Olive Oil - Spanish

Olive Oil - Spanish


We offer some extremely special Spanish Olive Oil:

Nunez de Prado Organic, 1L, £16 - The freshly crushed floral Picudo, sweet Hojiblanca and robust Picual olives from the Prado family's organic estates are cold-pressed.  The result is an organic oil with tropical flavours of passion fruit and papaya. SOLD OUT

Oliver de La Luna Organic Biodynamic olive oil 50cl, £17 - An olive oil produced biodynamically in the province of Cordoba, Andalucia by a small producer dedicated to the cultivation of organic, sustainable oils using Nevadillo Blanco olives (a variation of the indigenous Picual variety). SOLD OUT

The oil is clean and fresh tasting, it has hints of citrus with some pepper on the finish.

Brindisa North & South EV Olive Oil, 1L, £10 - An extra virgin olive oil produced in Navarra, the most northerly commercial growing area in Spain. This oil is made from a blend of olives indigenous to the north of Spain, Arbequina, and to the south, Picual.  The finished oil is clean tasting with grass and tomato notes balanced by a touch of spiciness on the finish.

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