'R. Whites' Stoneware Bottle

'R. Whites' Stoneware Bottle


This is an antique, English stoneware, brown, salt glaze, bottle marked, 'R Whites'.

In the 1840s Robert and Mary White started selling their home-made ginger beer from a barrel in Camberwell in South London. The bottles would have been recycled and reused, the ritual captured in an old London school kids rhyme;

'R. White's ginger beer goes off pop; a penny on the bottle when you take it to the shop!'.

Their business expanded to include lemonade and the 'Secret Lemonade Drinker' advert, launched in 1973 and airing until 1984, was the brand's most famous advertising campaign.  The jingle was written & sung by Ross McManus- the father of Elvis Costello.