Vintage Christmas Baubles

Vintage Christmas Baubles


I have lots of beautiful, vintage Christmas baubles for sale.   Vintage is, of course, recycling rather than adding to the world’s landfills, so these, mostly glass, delicate, individual finds are great no guilt Christmas gifts.  

Order below, or msg me if anything catches your eye and you would like different combinations, or to buy items individually.  I can make a cardboard box for them to be gifted and stored in.  

As you get these beautiful decorations out of their box each year, they will become part of your family’s Christmas tradition - Lovely!

2 x cerise pink, medium sized, hand-painted, glass baubles, approx diameter: 4cm, £45

4 x red medium sized, glitter printed, baubles (not glass), with green hooks to hang, approx diameter: 4cm, £12

2 x silver, red, green, glass shapes, small, approx diameter: 3cm, £15

16 x vintage lanterns in box, approx length: 7cm - These are a bit of a project as I would suggest you string them yourself to create a garland or hang individually.  They are, of course, not safe to use as lights, £25

5 x pine cones, gold, cerise and orange (not glass) approx length: 5.5 - 7cm, £15

3 x Large red glass baubles hand painted gold bow & glitter approx diameter: 6cm, £30 for 3 (or £12 each)

4 x Large glass baubles from the GDR, red, pink, green, gold, approx diameter: 6cm, £16 

2 x glass mushrooms (not old), approx length: 4.5cm,  £6

5 x bells, pink, gold, blue & 2 x green, approx length: 5cm, £15

4 x Lg glass balls with silver glitter at the neck in pink, blue, red & yellow, approx diameter, 6cm, £48

1 x Lg glass red ball with orange band and hand drawn silver glitter line, approx diameter, 6cm, £10 

1 x Lg glass red green gold crown approx 7cm, £10

1 x SM glass hand-painted wiht yellow flowers on green foliage, 4cm, £10

1 x SM glass red oval with point yellow & blue painted pattern, 4cm, £6

1 x SM glass pink with flower painted white 4cm, £6

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